We take security seriously here at Fintel, and we are proud to exceed the industry standard when it comes to protecting your organization.


Data encryption in transit and at rest

Standards compliant security processes and policies

Security-first approach to application development

Session and API access expiration timeouts which require periodic re-authentication

Periodic vulnerability and penetration testing

Best Practices

Fintel is built from the ground up with security as an essential ingredient.

Compliance Standards and Regulations

Our security program is aligned to the ISO 27000 standards and is regularly audited and assessed by third parties and customers.  Fintel is fully compliant with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) safeguards rule for protecting customer information.

Security whitepaper

Learn about how Fintel ensures the security of your data in our care, and how you can best use Fintel to improve security at your company. Read the Security Whitepaper.

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