Integrate. Modernize.

Information Sharing tools that allow you to stay ahead of the curve.

Adapt Quickly

Use Fintel without ripping out existing systems.  You’ve invested heavily in case management and surveillance, but info sharing is still a manual process. Fintel provides you with a robust set of APIs that allow you to easily transfer data to and from other systems, including case management and link analysis systems. 


With Fintel, you can customize the system to model your existing workflows and procedures, and adjust as those processes change.  You have the ability to define the types of data you want to capture, allowing you to tailor the system to your institution’s unique needs.


Incorporate outbound requests into your onboarding and KYC processes.  Automatically follow up with counterparties who have not acted on a matter within a specified timeframe.

Context-Based Routing

Create a custom set of rules that allow Fintel to quickly determine where to deliver important requests and responses without having to filter everything through a gatekeeper.

Mailbox Management

Fintel can handle the heavy-lifting for you when it comes to incoming 314(b) requests and responses.  We’ll process the messages and enter them in a structured format that makes it easier for you to manage.

Intelligent Analytics

With structured data, you can reveal hidden insights, recognize patterns, predict trends and prepare forecasts. Correlate your data with specific types of financial crime and create analytic reports and dashboards to easily understand your risk.