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The Fintel Network:
Seamless 314(b) Sharing


Network members can share information in order to resolve inbound and outbound 314(b) sharing requests, and they can also communicate with those that haven’t joined the network. It’s free and easy to join the Fintel Network.

FinCEN Directory Integration

Effortlessly search the most up-to-date 314(b) list to verify your counterparty is also a 314(b) participant.


Our cloud-based software works alongside existing systems with minimal impact on IT and operational risk management processes.

314(b) Experts

We know 314(b) – period. Our founder, Matt Rosen, is a recognized expert in the area who has prosecuted financial crimes as a Special Assistant US Attorney. We’ve built Fintel utilizing a wealth of information, algorithms, and rules that make it easy for you to prepare, send, and process sharing requests.

Why Use Fintel

  • Fail Safe

    Ensure the critical collaboration process with other institutions for illegal activities is fast, accurate, and fail-safe with features like message tracking, no-response alerts, message routing, and message triage.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Algorithms assist you in determining whether or not the sharing of customer data complies with the appropriate regulations – GLB, BSA, PATRIOT Act.

  • Manage Contacts

    Manage all correspondent contacts needed for communications with other institutions regarding illegal activities including those from the Treasury’s 314(b) list as well as your firm’s other contacts.

  • Auditability

    Case histories can include both Fintel communications as well as emails and phone logs.

  • Structured Information & Analysis

    Categorize and analyze cases by subject, content, location, etc. and see real-time industry trends.

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