Introducing Fintel - Enterprise Risk Management for Compliance, Sharing and Analysis

Information Sharing Wizard

Structured, Secure, Compliant

Fintel is a cloud-based solution that can be used alongside your existing systems with minimal impact on IT and operational risk management processes. Leveraging the common directory of financial institution representatives contained in the PATRIOT Act, Fintel sets a new standard for private, secure communication and compliance when it matters most.

Financial Institutions Suffer Billions Annually in Illicit and Fraudulent Transactions

Terrorism, fraud, money laundering and cyber threats impact financial institutions of all sizes and types. Existing systems deal with many of these issues, but communication between institutions is one of the keys to effectively managing these risks. Introducing Fintel – a new solution to identify, track and resolve these illegal transactions. Fintel also helps anti-fraud and compliance departments conduct due diligence and file more comprehensive and complete Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs). Engineered to leverage the “Safe Harbor” provision of section 314(b) of the USA PATRIOT Act, Fintel provides institutions with the ability to share information with one another in a structured, secure and legally compliant way.

Fintel Benefits

Incoming Requests Better Predict Real Issues

Typical surveillance systems are notorious for producing a high number of false positives. Incoming sharing requests provide qualified prompts to investigate further, ensure that investigative and analyst resources are deployed to actual problems.

Augment and Improve Existing Systems

Data sharing and collaboration among financial institutions enhances current customer and transaction due diligence and monitoring efforts.

Make Better Decisions

Why make decisions about opening or closing an account, stopping a transaction, or filing a SAR with a limited set of facts? Communicating with other institutions allows for the gathering of new information about accounts, activities, associates, and/or segments of complex financial trails.

File More Comprehensive and Complete SARs

SARs prepared after collaborative efforts are typically more valuable to law enforcement and regulators.

Fintel Features

  • Fail-safe Communication

    Ensure the critical collaboration process with other institutions for illegal activities is fast, accurate and fail-safe - Read receipts, no-response alerts, message routing and message triage.

  • Regulatory Compliancy

    Algorithms assist you in determining whether or not the sharing of customer data complies with the appropriate regulations – GLB, BSA, PATRIOT Act.

  • Manage Contacts

    Manage all correspondent contacts needed for communications with other institutions regarding illegal activities including those from the Treasury’s 314(b) list as well as your firm’s other contacts.

  • Auditability

    Case histories can include both Fintel communications as well as emails and phone logs.

  • Structured Information & Analysis

    Categorize and analyze cases by subject, content, location, etc. and see real-time industry trends.